PlumbingHometown Plumbing & Heating is your single source for all your commercial and industrial plumbing needs.  We have been representing the plumbing industry throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois for over 30 years.  Our staff is committed to providing the greatest level of customer satisfaction in design, execution, costs, and professionalism.  We are experts in multiple plumbing disciplines including water heaters, drains, plumbing fixtures, backflow prevention, pumps, grease traps, oil separators, roof drains, and piping for water, sewer, gas and air.

Hometown is the trusted source for a diverse group of customers including hospitals, retail, schools, churches, community centers, manufacturing, and food service.  With our experience and professional technicians we bring years of proven performance with the ability to adapt to each customer’s needs.  Whether you have a plan and spec project or require design build expertise, Hometown Plumbing & Heating will get the job done.



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