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Hometown Plumbing & Heating was awarded the mechanical contract for Wood Intermediate School Addition & Remodel project by Davenport Community School District (DCSD) as part of a multi-prime bid package.  Hometown has worked on many of the school district’s past projects, and was very familiar with the expectations and goals set forth for this renovation and addition.  This 140,000 sq. ft. project entailed the additions of both a gym and cafeteria, along with the renovation of the band area, replacement of the existing heat pump system, and a new geothermal system utilizing existing air distribution.

With our excellent relationship with the construction manager and DCSD, we had an immediate open line of communications with the prime contractors, owner, design team, sub-contractors and vendors.  Our $1.89 million public bid contract was awarded to us and completed in less than 80 working days.  Of that $1.89 million contract, we self-performed 68% of our contracted scope.

Knowing that this project needed to be completed in such a short condensed schedule our administrative team worked to promptly order, schedule and ship all the required equipment that was to be installed on this project.  The schedule was reviewed weekly and deficiencies in production were addressed and corrective actions were taken.

Starting this project in May before school was dismissed for the summer required us to work nights to demolish the existing ductwork, piping, and equipment.  After the two weeks of demolition, the new ductwork and  two-pipe system was installed above the ceiling in the corridors which took an approximately 40 days.  An advantage we had while installing the two pipe system above the ceiling was the use of grooved fittings, copper press fittings, carbon steel and copper pipe.

The HVAC Equipment we installed on this project consisted of 55 heat pumps, 2 cabinet unit heaters, 3 mini-split units, 1 hot water boiler used for supplemental heat, 2 base mounted pumps, 2 heat exchangers, 700 feet of underground water lines from geothermal wells to interior heat exchangers, and filling of the system with 2,400 gallons of 28% propylene glycol.  Hometown also purchased 2 Trane rooftop units and 6 outdoor air units which were installed by our sub-contractor as part of their proposal.

The Hometown team on this project consisted of many of our young future leaders within our organization.  This team was strong and independent but also required guidance and continued education.  Our superintendents implemented quality control measures both specifically in their work and the work performed by all of Hometown.  We outline with each of your young leaders the testing that was to be performed and recapped every day the results.  We pressured teste and hydrostatic tested each of our systems.


With our extensive past of working within Davenport Schools while occupied by students and faculty, we knew of the potential safety hazards and risks surrounding an active construction site.  Hometown always leads by example when it comes to safety and we utilize and implement every possible safety precaution we can. Hometown’s safety team sat down with our superintendent, project manager and other team members to discuss how to eliminate all possible threats that may present themselves on site.  Special attention was made to ensuring that there were no tools, parts or equipment left above the ceiling or anywhere accessible to students.  We performed daily walk-throughs in the areas we were working in to ensure everything was safe before we finished our work for the day.  We also utilized a warning line system on the roof consisting of ropes, high-visibility flags, and stanchions.

This project posed some challenges including the addition of $53,000 of work and changes to already ordered equipment to be completed within the already tight schedule, the fact that the ceiling grid was reinstalled prior to the completion of insulation, labeling and condensate piping.  With the ceiling being re-installed prior to all of the work being complete, Hometown and our sub-contractors were able to communicate and implement a plan to complete our work above the ceiling without any additional costs to ourselves or our client.

Wood Intermediate School Addition & Remodel project presented unique challenges and opportunities to provide yet another premier construction project by Hometown Plumbing & Heating.  The success and completion of this project was due in part to the communication, planning and scheduling between our team, the construction mangers, our sub-contractors and Davenport Community Schools.  With over our 3 decades of experience in the mechanical contracting segment and our continued relationship with Davenport Community School District, we were able to provide our community with a top tier project that showcases the abilities of a merit-based project.

4 - Wood Hall 7 - Wood Mech. Room 3 - Wood Mech. Room

Hometown did a great job of coordinating this project, including equipment delivery, start up and close out. They installed equipment in a professional manner following the manufacturer's installation requirements.   Trane Reference Letter

Craig Sorensen, Account Manager, Trane

This project was typical of our previous experiences with Hometown Plumbing & Heating.  Their quality workmanship, good communication, and team attitude are key components to completing projects that meet owner expectations and construction deadlines.  We look forward to our next opportunity to work together.   SGGM Architects Reference Letter

Robert Braun, AIA, SGGM Architects & Interior Designers, P.C.

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