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Hometown Plumbing & Heating had the privilege of working on another 3,950 sq. ft. Wendy’s.  This was a new storefront on an existing location in Cedar Rapids, IA.  The initiative by Wendy’s Corporation to update their look to a more contemporary design with floor-to-ceiling windows and WI-FI Internet access, is designed to give their signature stores a refreshed brand image.

Hometown was awarded the contract to demo the existing plumbing, install the new plumbing underground, plumbing above ground, plumbing hookups to kitchen equipment supplied by others, along with supplying and installing the plumbing fixtures.

This project like many before it required a short demanding construction schedule.  The project started on May 3 with our work completed by July 2.  This allotted Hometown eight weeks to demo, perform our first rough-ins, second rough-ins, and set fixtures in a very condensed window to minimize the down time of this location.

Wendy's Cedar Rapids_11x8 (3)Construction of the plumbing for this facility was completed in four phases.  The first phase consisted of one day of demolition and disconnections of the existing utilities to allow the current store to be demolished.  During Hometown’s second phase, we were allotted two days to complete underground plumbing.  Our initial step was to tie back onto the services outside of the building’s footprint for the sanitary sewer, storm sewer and potable water.  The sanitary and storm sewer consisted of PVC while the potable water was PEX and looped under the floor throughout the building.  During these two days we also installed a new grease interceptor and 16 floor drains.  After the services were brought into the building, we stubbed everything up above the finished floor to complete our first rough-ins.  The second portion of the work scope required 150 man hours to be completed in two days.  To accomplish this we had two crews consisting of six men working 12 hour shifts around the clock.

After our first rough-in, we returned two weeks later to finish the project in the remaining five weeks.  Our second rough-ins consisted of supplying and installing the roof drains, PVC storm piping, PEX domestic water, PVC sanitary sewer and vent piping all of which was to service the bathrooms, kitchen, mechanical room and kitchen equipment.  This phase of our construction took 350 man hours and was completed in just less than four weeks.

Our final phase of this build was the set and finish portion of our scope.  It took two men, one week to set 3 water closets, 2 lavatories, 2 urinals, 1 tankless water heater, 2 filter banks, 1 mop sink, and all of the kitchen equipment plumbing connections.

The construction of this project while simple in design and mechanics is unique based upon the time schedule to complete.  With 100% of our contracted work being self-performed in an eight week time frame, we understood the importance to plan, schedule, and assemble the correct team to execute the work that needed to be completed.

Wendy's Cedar Rapids_11x8 (2)There were many obstacles that we had to overcome on this project.  Planning and executing a project in such a short time frame was a primary obstacle, but only second to ensuring everyone remained safe while turning this location around so quickly.  Due to the sensitive time constraints of this project, each phase was carefully planned to ensure that the material needed was on site before each phase and removed when the respective phase was completed.  We worked with our ABC of Iowa vendor members to ensure this project was not only completed on time, but was completed to exceed the standards and expectations of both the owner and Wendy’s Corporation.

This project is yet another testament to Hometown Plumbing & Heating’s expertise and execution when it comes to small commercial projects.  The owner and Wendy’s are both thrilled with the success, quality of work, and safety that we and our construction partners provided, and we look forward to working with them on their future projects.

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