Wade Street Watermain Project

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Hometown Plumbing & Heating was awarded a contract for the installation of approximately 800’ of 8” ductile iron water main to replace the existing water main.

This project consisted of replacing the existing 4” and 6” water main with new 8” ductile iron water main. The old water main was deteriorating and they had numerous breaks the prior winter causing water outages to residences and businesses alike.  In addition, all existing residences and businesses had to be connected to the new water main and over 1,000 square yards of paving and sidewalk had to be removed and replaced.

This project was unique in the fact that it was located in a very busy residential and commercial area.  Normally you have one or the other to contend with, not both at the same time.  Water had to be maintained at all times for businesses and homeowners which meant a tremendous amount of coordination by our Superintendent (Mike Kuhl) in scheduling shut downs, tie-ins and the use of temporary hoses/piping to maintain water.  Hometown Plumbing & Heating self-performed 80% of the contract value.

Contending with the traffic was another unique situation.  The street had to remain open during construction; therefore we utilized concrete barriers to protect employees from vehicle traffic and flaggers during the day to alternate traffic because of the narrow street.  At the end of each day, the concrete barriers were moved back to allow two-way traffic on the street as well as all of our excavations were backfilled at the end of every day to prevent any entrance into our excavation area and this eliminated the potential of anyone falling into an open excavation.

There was no lay down area for material (i.e. Pipe, hydrants, backfill, rock, etc.) Everything was stored off-site approximately three miles away and brought to the site on a daily basis as well as all spoils were hauled off-site on a daily basis.

Safety on this project was very complex due to the limited space and tight working conditions.  Working around existing utilities located within our excavation added to the complexity of our work.  The project was completed without any damage to cars, property, existing utilities as well as having zero personal injury accidents.

We reviewed our safety plan and operational procedures with our management team, onsite personnel and the City of Iowa City prior to the start of the project to determine how traffic within the construction zone should/would be handled.

Scheduling for this project was laid out before the project started and approved by all parties.  Even with a wetter than normal spring, the project was still completed 2 ½ weeks ahead of the scheduled completion date.

Through careful planning and communication this turned out to be a very successful project for Hometown Plumbing & Heating and the City of Iowa City which benefitted area residents and businesses.

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