Van Meter Distribution Warehouse – LEED Certified

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Hometown Plumbing & Heating was selected by prime contractor as part of their design team for the plumbing portion for Van Meter Inc.’s new 18,500 sq. ft. distribution center in Muscatine, IA.  This new facility was designed to allow Van Meter to offer additional customer service and training to its customers along with meeting U.S. Green Building Council LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements.

This project included under slab drainage, plumbing piping and fixtures, plumbing equipment, gas piping for HVAC equipment, water service, sanitary service, and internal geothermal piping.  Our scope also included the installation of the septic tank with a sand filtration system, which we had an additional sub-contractor perform.  The decision to install a sand filtration system was due to the inability to connect to the city sewer.  The construction schedule began on May 3 as was completed on September 17, in which we self-performed 82% of our contracted scope.

Van Meter_11x8 (9)Hometown’s licensed in house engineer worked with the owner, general contractor, architects, and the City of Muscatine to design the plumbing plan along with the sand filtration system.   After our engineered stamped drawings and product submittals were approved by the owner, our next step was to start the physical construction of our scope.

As this project was designed to be an environmentally conscious project, we knew that our fixtures and accessories needed to contribute to LEED credits to meet the Silver LEED Certification.  We supplied and installed 1 electric water cooler, 1 garbage disposal, 2 wall hydrants, 2 wall faucets, 1 janitorial sink, 2 lavatories with mixing valves, 2 stainless steel sinks, 1 urinal, 3 water closets, 1 RPZ, 1 electric water heater, 43’ of trench drain, and 1 gas fired radiant tube heater.  With the installation of these fixtures we have the potential to contribute 6 points toward achieving the pending Silver LEED certification.  In addition, we installed all of the buildings PVC Sch. 80 geothermal piping and connections to five heat pumps, the PEX domestic water piping, PVC drain, waste and vent piping.

The schedule was coordinated with each trade and reflected their input on duration of activities.  The schedule was reviewed frequently and deficiencies in production were addressed and corrective action taken.  With utility services and septic system installation, project success depended heavily on all contractors’ coordination.

As construction progressed, the work was inspected by our project manager and obstacles were presented to our team to determine solutions.  Quality control was a high priority to minimalize rework and provide a state of the art facility.

It was a privilege to be able to build an ABC of Iowa member’s new facility and offer them our quality of work, we provide for each of our customers.


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